I’m Hispanic, Of Course I believe in Money spells.

I come from a culture that both embraces religion and the supernatural. As a Hispanic, I grew up in a culture that is primarily Catholic. However, we also believe in an incredible amount of supernatural superstitions.

We believe that a pregnant woman has to wear a safety pin on their underwear during a lunar eclipse or the baby will be born with a cleft lip. Then there is the belief that if you look at dog pooping, you will get a stye in your eye. My favorite though, is that you have to touch a baby when admiring how adorable he or she is, or an evil spell that makes the baby sick will take over.

money spells

We also have superstitions that could be considered “money spells.” Well, not in the traditional sense of a spell, but Hispanics do have their idiosyncrasies regarding money. The superstition that frustrates me the most it the idea that if you put a purse directly on the ground, the owner of the purse will have bad luck when it comes to money. My wife and mother in law have constantly chastised me whenever I make that mistake.

Then there is the belief that if you scratch an itch on the palm of your hand, you will lose money. Once again, this particular superstition has caused me much pain. I mean literally, I have been smacked on the hand several times when I was just minding my own business trying to simply sooth an itch.

Hispanics are not unique in having superstitions regarding love, health, or money. These issues are of great concern for all of us. The way I see it, we need help when it comes to the things that matter most. Whether we pray or whether we cross our fingers and take care of where we place purses, I wish you the best of luck it whatever it is you desire.